Alexander David Snoke, my dear Grandson, 14 years old, a sweet, kind,
loving, caring, humanistic boy, died on April 4th, 2019 -- his father's 49th
birthday. The details of it are still not known completely, or even very much.
All of us, on many different sides of the family, are devastated and
heartbroken by his passing. As one of his Grandfathers. I was hoping to
have a relationship with him as an adult -- something I never had much of a
chance to do when he was younger. To a Grandfather, or a Grandmother,
or to a parent, every child of theirs is remarkable. Alex's life was truly that,
and he touched the lives of so many friends and family in ways that gave me
such joy. Watching him grow up, trying his hand at sports, and making his
father proud was heartwarming to me. My son, Michael, has always been a
great father and provider, and he always saw to it that both his children, Alex
and Maddie, wanted for nothing. He gave of himself to both of them, and
loved them with all his heart -- but in the end, that is never enough. In the
blink of an eye, they can be yanked away, and life is never the same.
Georgann and I are overcome with grief, and we both hope and pray that
Michael and Alex's mother, Julie, can somehow get through this. Any of you
who are parents know what an absolute horror this kind of tragedy is, and
we, who are in our late 70's now, have seen the terrible toll that death has
brought us through the passing of our parents, our siblings, and our friends.
Each person, family or friend, is unique and can never be replaced. Alex will
always be in my heart, and I will always remember the gifts he gave us -- the
sweetness, the kindness, the caring, the humanism, and the love. He was a
remarkable boy, and it is a privilege to be part of his family.
To Alex -- Son, Brother, Cousin, Nephew, and Grandson
Alexander David Snoke -- 2005 - 2019
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"The smallest sprout shows
 there is really no death;
And if ever there was, it led
          forward life,
and does not wait at the end
            to arrest it,'
And ceas'd the moment life
All goes onward and outward -
        nothing collapses;
And to die is different from
any one supposed, and

----- Walt Whitman