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As your journey through the first
views of Chaco Canyon
continues, gradually more and
more recognizable forms are
found.   These are obviously
more elaborate than those that
you first noticed, and actual
outline of once-stately buildings
can be inferred.  Also, the more
intricate features of the
buildings begin to make their
appearance -- features such as
intentionally created holes in
the foundation of the building,
possibly to let out water if
flooding occurred.  Also note
that the wall foundation forms a
buttress, giving the wall
additional support, as well as a
flat, stable surface for the
construction of the wall.  As you
travel farther along the ruins,
larger walls begin to emerge,
one of which is at least 60 feet
long.  You now begin to
experience the ancient,
communal living pattern that is
Chaco Canyon.